FEniCS Installation Instructions

I use the free and open-source finite element computing platform FEniCS for my research and instruction, which has proven extremely useful. However the installation process for FEniCS can be quite lengthy and confusing, so I've written detailed step-by-step instruction documents for installing FEniCS and running an example calculation on both Mac and Windows machines. 

Note: After around April 2019,  FEniCS is no longer in active development. Development of new features has shifted to the FEniCSx / DolfinX platform, and I plan to transition to this newer platform over time. In the meantime, FEniCS is still accessible and functional and will work to run my codes.

Mac instructions


Windows instructions


Google Colaboratory

FEniCS code can also be run on the Google Colaboratory cloud-based python notebook platform.

I have created an example Google Colab notebook that runs the Poisson problem in your browser here:

Demo Poisson problem simulation results: